Celebrity Brands

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Celebrity Brands

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"How do you manage to do all you do and still create successful brands?"
"Why does everything you do turn into gold?

These are some of the questions you and I hear interviewers ask celebrities that have their own brands. And since our company is in the fashion industry, that's what we'll be focusing on in this post.

Point blank, it's really simple to have your own brand when you're a well know celebrity. You might have heard of Rihanna's FENTY, Tyga's Last Kings, Chris Brown's Black Pyramid, Marc Anthony's Mark Anthony, Khloe Kardashian's Good American Jeans...the list doesn't stop. Let's be clear, I don't knock celebrities for stepping out of their playground and stepping into something different, I'm just knocking those people that purchase these products just because a celebrity made it. But first, let's look at the economics of this situation.

Imagine This...

Let's say a kid has $100 to spend. That works out to about 3 shirts, or 2 pants, or 3 hats when you're choosing from most non-celebrity brands. BUUUT when a celebrity brand is in the picture, not only will the pieces cost more but the kid is more likely to buy from the celebrity brand over the non-celebrity brand. What this creates is a situation where less money is being spread amongst the non-celebrity brands. This in the long run will ultimately put most non-celebrity brands out of business. Now this seems like a too simple of a scenario to use as an example but when Khloe Kardashian's brand made $1,000,000+ in it's first day, it not that far fetched to fathom such a situation. Again, celebrities and there brands are not the problem, the consumers are.

Life's Never Fair, So Be It

Life is not fair but when you're in this industry, sometimes it's difficult to look past this thought. The thought that a person with money can just come in and just select pieces that are designed by others that they think looks good without putting in the work of designing, sourcing, sampling and risking a sizable amount of money into a brand they TRULY believe in, and getting away with millions makes me wonder how easily people are manipulated. I ask myself, "Do these kids know these celebrities don't even design most of the stuff they put out? Do they know celebrities only wear the stuff they're selling for promotional purposes but in their daily lives switch to other high end brands?". By looking at their buying habits, they clearly don't. When someone sells something that they themselves don't even use in their private life, you have to ask yourself, who's the sheep and who's the shepherd.

Would They Themselves Wear It

I'm not saying that all celebrity brands are just built off of the celebrity's weight. This is due the the celebrity/designer in question putting massive amounts of work and effort into creating the best pieces they can while understanding every detail that come's along with it. This includes designing, sourcing, sampling, promotion and distribution. A brand that comes to mind for me is Sean John by none other than Puff Daddy himself and TMC by Nipsey Hussle (find me a picture where Nipsey isn't wearing something from TMC). I have to respect a person that put up real money, time and effort to execute everything I've talked about above and going as far as to open up multiple brick and mortar stores that sells nothing but their products. Let's not get this confused with celebrity brands that just puts up money and no work.


Again, this topic requires more than this post to truly examine just the few things I've posited so I'll leave you guys with this quote I'm in love with:

"Support Your Friends Progression and Work Like You Support the Celebrities That You Don't Know"


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