Why Would People Steal from a Small Business?

Bespoke Cut and Sew is a small private business. We do our best to sell hats and provide the best customer service in-stores and online. We spend a lot of our own money and time into building out a store people would want to go to. But this isn't unique by any measure when you consider how many small business exist. Every small business started out with a person or a few people scrapping together enough money to finally take the jump into starting their own business. When you consider most of us can barley keep up with bills and living from paycheck to paycheck, just imagine everything the small business owner had to forgo to save up to open their own business. The money saved from not going out, eating fast-food instead of dining out, wearing clothes till they're truly no longer wearable and driving a car until the odometer looks like their ideal bank account number. All this saving culminates to them saving enough to open their own business or having enough to keep the small business going. 

So why the hell would a low-life come along and feel that they have the right to step into someone's establishment and proceed to steal? Let's break these type of people down.

If you steal, especially from small business, understand that we see you at the very bottom of society. The fact that you would steal a hat, a HAT!, tells me you're such a pathetic person that you would rather steal form others for you to look fly rather than being a real man or woman to work for your own possessions. Like we're not talking about stealing bread or milk, bruh you're stealing a hat...to look cool. Where I'm from, you're the definition of a cornball. If you're a guy, take a moment to think about just how dumb you look. You're probably stealing this hat to look good for a certain female, now imagine if you told her how you got that hat. Yea bro...do the world a favor and don't have any kids. 

I think if you're going to steal, have the decency to tell the sales representative straight out that you're about to steal, trust me, I'll respect you more if you did.

I'll keep this blog short because thieves don't deserve that much of our time. I leave you with this video of February 2018 Low Life Award Winner trying to steal at our San Francisco location.

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