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Call of Duty, smoking Hall of Fame hookah bowls, pick-up basketball games, underground poker, unnecessary debates and unorganized wrestling matches makes up our day. Don't get it twisted, we're still about the paper.


We sell hats, hats and more hats. We are authorized dealers for every brand we sell.


Established August 10, 2012
Originally working for our good friends over at Hat Club, we took the leap and created our own hat company financed with our own savings. Starting off as a strictly custom hat company, we've grown to become more than what anyone had intended. Through the fallout with past members and flirting twice with bankruptcy, we've navigated the arena of young entrepreneurship with the confidence that everything we're doing today will make sense in hindsight 20 years from now.

Nga Lam // General Manager // Co-Owner
Favorite Quote: "If I had it, you can get it. I just don't have it."
Favorite Rap Lyric: "I ain't getting old I'm getting classic." - Fab
Hobbies: Stuntin' religiously 
A/S/L: 27/M/Rialto, CA
1 thing others don't know about me: I kiss and tell.
Holla at me:  nga@bspk12.com

Tommy Lam // Lead Tailor (Only Tailor) // Co-Owner
Favorite Quote: "I'm that thug in your life that will treat you right."
Favorite Rap Lyric: "Wooahhh! ya ya yaaaa ya yaaa." -Busta Ryhmes
Hobbies: Fishing 
A/S/L: 29/M/Rialto, Ca
1 thing others don't know about me: I wear slippers religiously, real talk. 

John Quidilla // Media // Ride or Die
Favorite Quote: "
Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind" - Stitch
Favorite Rap Lyric: "I live out there...so don't go there" - Notorious B.I.G.
Hobbies: Drake & Driving
A/S/L: 23/M/Hawaii (Loma Linda, CA)
1 thing others don't know about me: Can't swim.
Holla at me: john@bspk12.com

Payden Cobern // Graphics
Favorite Quote:
 "No soup for you!"
Favorite Rap Lyric: "You said you want a thug, don't be scared now." - Young Buck
Hobbies: Packing Hookah 
A/S/L: 26/?/San Murderdino, CA
1 thing others don't know about me: I owe the government 100 racks.
Holla at me:  paydn202@yahoo.com

Undercats since May 2012, we're still proving how far $3,000 can really go.


When you're not a large company with deep pockets, it's difficult to get your name and product out. The pressures of competing in an industry where everyone is cliqued up along with the numerous gatekeepers doesn't make things easy either. We don't care; all we worry about is to make original, unique and quality hats. Through this strategy, the right people and companies has taken notice. This strategy is starkly different from many companies that got their shine through the grandfathering system and piggybacking off of their superior peers. We say this to let the public know where we stand when it comes to true entrepreneurship. 

We're not sorry one bit for saying any of this.


When a hat leaves a factory, it should be a well constructed specimen of fashion accessory. This includes the stitching and craftsmanship bestowed upon each hat set by the hat company. So when a hat is customized and put back together, the hat should not lose this sometimes overlooked craftsmanship. Let's not mince words, we're talking about the blatant shortcuts taken by many of the hat customizers out there.

Like every company, we did our market research to gain knowledge about the competition. Here's what we found:

1. Hats brims being held together by glue; hats should never be held together using glue
2. Straps and snap fastened to the hat by glue or staples
3. The hat's original brims being "wrapped" with materials rather than being sewed on
4. Straps manufactured specifically for watches being used as a hat strap
5. Ropes being attached to hats to hide the "tucking" of materials  

We go the extra mile and pay the extra cost to make sure a hat is customized properly. As a customer, you may not notice the blatant shortcuts others make but we do, and as being one of the world's biggest hat customizer, it's only right we inform you.

And if you've never purchased a hat from us to see the quality for yourself, just ask one of our biggest clients, NEW ERA. We're their contracted hat brim customizer.


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